Goodbye Mommy Dearest

old woman

She’s my mother.  I love her, and yet I hate her in the same instance.  I’m 40.  No longer a child, but I still seek acceptance from the most selfish, ungrateful, unloving person I’ve ever known.  She’s vile, crude, rude, demanding, and she calls herself a Christian! However, I know her secrets.  But I could never tell my father for it would break him.  He’s not a young man (82).  I could never tell.  She may enjoy belittling and damaging others so she can bend them to her will, but I will not and cannot!  For my sanity, I must walk away from her.  I must say my goodbyes now.  Her cruelty will engulf me if I don’t.  I’m strong, but her words and actions are knives that slice deep.  Goodbye, mommy dearest…

image- 2ose

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