13 and Suicidal

So here’s the thing that’s been bugging me for MONTHS.  I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 2 ½ years.  He has a brother who has two daughters.  His brother has a girlfriend (I guess she’s been around for like 6 years or something).  She’s a total two-faced, self-centered, hypocrite.  She got in my face because I made a relationship with her stepdaughter, that was better within 6 months than she has ever had in the time she’s been in the girl’s life.  The girl is 13.  The stepmom doesn’t spend time with the girl and she doesn’t talk to her like she’s a person.  All she does is ground the girl for absolutely nothing and expects to have a good relationship with her.

The stepmom hates that the girl comes to me with her problems.  She talks to me about boys.  She talks to me about whatever she’s going through.  I have never once offered advice.  All I do is listen and make the girl laugh.  So a few days ago the girl tried to commit suicide.  Five adults in the house and NOBODY is watching this 13-year-old.  She sneaks out just so she doesn’t have to deal with the crap that goes on at home.  I’ve told her uncle, but because he says they don’t want anyone else involved, that they can find out when she comes home pregnant.  I hate that, but I see his point.  I was telling the stepmom everything the girl told me, because as a mom I would want to know, even if it wasn’t me my kids were going to talk to.  I was also trying to be the step mom’s friend so that we could trust one another, and so I’d feel more comfortable telling her what the girl was doing.  But she pulled that junk.

So sick of being the bad guy when all I’m doing is trying to help.  If she wouldn’t ground the girl for breathing (Yes breathing.  She was yelling at the girl one day about cleaning up her room and the girl sighed.  She was cleaning up her room and she sighed.  Boom. Grounded.) she’d get further.  Be her friend, not just her disciplinarian.  Listen to her.  Hang out with her.  Maybe she wouldn’t feel like there’s no other way out besides suicide.

image- Morgan LaRue