Sometimes I look at kids who are up for adoption. I want to do it but I’m scared. There is this girl. She’s a teenager. Tall, skinny, short hair. She looks angry. I think she’s transgender and wants to be a boy. Not to be mean, but she just exudes masculine energy. They have her in a dress and she looks really mad. I say “she” because I don’t know what pronoun they would want. I think about her a lot. I think we could change her life. We would accept her and allow her to be who she wants to be, boy or girl. Imagine the shit a transgender kid goes through with a regular family. Now, stick them with families that are overwhelmed, overly religious or uncaring, and you have a recipe for disaster. I want to help her, but I am in no position to do so. I think about her a lot. She’s not close enough to me that I could even be her Court Appointed Special Advocate.