A Chorus Is Supposed To Be…


Can I just say that mandated solos in a chorus class is bull?  A “CHORUS” is supposed to be a GROUP of singers.  Yes, that group may have sections, but that does not mean that individuals will HAVE to get up and sing.  Being forced to sing in front of the class by myself on a part I was never taught resulted in a panic attack, which took almost two hours to calm down from.  I’m still on edge about it a day later.  It’s complete s***.  I joined the chorus to sing in a group, and to sing the music we’re taught.  Not to sing in front of the class by myself, a song I was never taught, for a grade.  So state of Florida school board, f*** yourselves.  Your standards made someone who loved singing, dread it.  And to the chorus teacher (I’m not saying which school, tough luck.): F*** you for going out of your way to point out to the class that I failed that “test.”  Thank you, the one person who asked if I was okay.  Otherwise, burn.  I really could care less.

image: Boston Public Library