Being Just Friends W/ You Is Super Painful. I Want To Be Your Lover.


Dear_ _ _ _,

I have been too afraid to tell you how I feel about you.

You have become one of my nearest and dearest friends. Somehow as of late just being that is becoming a struggle. I find myself looking for you everywhere, and when I cannot have you close by, I find you in the music. Just having you standing beside me tears me apart. With every hug, you take away a little bit of my strength.

Confusion is growing inside me. Sometimes I think you feel the same. Sometimes the way you look at me, even the things you say. I feel as if we have reached a cliff and both of us are afraid to jump. Will we ever express how we feel?

I thought drafting this anonymous letter would ease some of my feelings. I hoped that by letting this off of my chest, I would be able to release a part of you. But it has only drawn you closer to my heart.

We always end our conversations with, “Love you,” but did I ever tell you that I was in love with you?

How I wish I could say these things to you.

How I wish you would tell me you feel the same way too…

My fear of losing you is too strong, so I would rather remain silent while my heart screams your name. I would rather continue to find you in the music, then to have our song end.

Love Always….

_ _ _ _

image: Fayez Closed Account.