Betrayed: My Fiancé F**KED My Brother’s Fiancé

I recently found out that my fiancé f++ked my brother’s fiancé.  We all live in the same house together, and they waited until my brother was working out of town, and I was in bed asleep.  I had no reason to believe this would happen, but one night I laid in bed and had a gut feeling something was wrong.  So I got up to smoke a cigarette (we have to smoke outside) and interrupted the beginning of their foreplay.  I was still oblivious, although it didn’t look right or sit right in my gut.  My fiancé and I had a quickie in the bathroom after that, and when I walked in he was already partially hard. 

I STILL didn’t want to believe it.  That night I checked his messages and there were none between the two of them.  I got even more suspicious and asked him about the night before, and he assured me nothing had or would ever happen.  Nope.  Still didn’t want to believe my gut, but couldn’t shake the feeling, so I checked her messages. Lo and behold they had been talking about it and planning it for over two weeks.  He and I have been together for two and a half years and she has been with my brother for four.  I only read a few messages before I blew up at him.  They BOTH lied to me numerous times and swore they hadn’t done anything and didn’t write the messages.

I got back on her messages after a sleepless night and read them all.  That was when I realized how long they had been flirting, talking about it, and planning it right under my nose.  She woke up first, and I confronted her, and beat the hell out of her.  She admitted it.  I woke him up and confronted him again, and he still tried to lie!  He’s still lying to me about a few things, but I will get the truth.  I love him.  I know a lot of people would tell me to boot his ass to the curb, but I’m a woman of second chances.  And I have tried to picture my life without him, but I can’t.  I don’t want advice or anything like that. No “been there, done that” advice or stories either.  I just had to let it all out before I hurt one of them.

image- erynjohn