Big Sis: I Won’t Be Attending Your Wedding Because You’re Toxic And Abusive.

I have a terrible relationship with one of my siblings. I am the youngest. I have three older sisters and one brother. I have a great relationship with my brother and one of my sisters (1). Sister (2) and I have a decent relationship. There’s eleven months between us, so yeah, we get into fights, but we love each other. Sister (3) is eight years older than me, and she constantly bullied me throughout my childhood. Our relationship has been more than what would be considered as normal sibling scraps and bullying. She has continuously hit, kicked, pushed, and slapped me. This went on well into my teen years.

She’d abuse me for miniscule things that I mistakenly did. Like wearing a top that I thought belonged to sister 2. Mind you, sister 2 and I always shared clothing. She’d also abuse me if I took her dry clothes off the clothesline when I needed it, etc. She has also told me that I dress too slutty which is a complete lie. I’ve been uncomfortable with how I look since my pre-teen years all thanks to her. I always cover up due to her comments.

She always goes into my room when I’m not home and takes my stuff. She’ll scream and yell at me when I confront her for wearing my stuff without asking, saying that she bought the items and therefore they’re hers. I have worked hard to earn money to buy these things and then she goes and takes them.

My mother has tried to discipline her since she was a child, but she’s had no luck. Many times this sister has refused to talk to my family for weeks or even months after one of these fights with my mother. She is now 28 and is engaged. I didn’t go to her engagement party, and I’m not going to her hen night that I’ve been invited to. This is much to the annoyance of my entire family except for my brother who understands. I have declined the invite to her wedding. I do not want to have anything to do with her, and I never want my children to know her due to her nature.

Everyone is telling me that I’m being childish for acting like this, but she made my eighteen years living at home an absolute hell. I moved out when I started college and I haven’t spoken to her since. I have ignored her at all family gatherings. I will always attend family gatherings because I love the rest of my family, even though they’re annoyed about me wanting nothing to do with my sister.

image: lindsmae