Boss: You’re A Bad Chef & A Bully. Go Choke On Your Pride & Die!!

To My Boss,

When I started working with this company two years ago, I had so many dreams and aspirations as to what my life would be like. I thought I would be studying under a chef with talent and vision, and for a while that was the case. But then you came along. Your “cuisine” is uninspired and run-of-the-mill at best. Yet you boast about your degree and where you came from constantly. All you do is belittle me and humiliate me. And if I try to stand up for myself you cut my hours. Then when I come back to work after the three days off you’ve forced me to take, you continue to berate me about the things that don’t get done while I’m gone. I hope you choke to death on your pride when I walk out of here you miserable twat.

image- ollesvensson