So, thanks to Ms. Corona, I’m stuck inside my home with my family. This isn’t how I thought it would turn out. So, my dad was watching TV in the living room and I went down to eat something in the kitchen and supposedly he asked me a question. But I didn’t hear him. He then yells at me for having an attitude. Like, is he drinking again? UGH. He just acted as if nothing happened afterward. Quarantine needs to end soon.

My mom is an emotionally abusive b**ch. A lot of friends and family think she’s so great, but she’s really not. She’s constantly mean to me and puts me down. I have mental health issues because of her abuse. I literally ran to my boyfriend’s place before the Covid-19 lockdown in my city so I didn’t have to be quarantined with her. I’m dealing with the quarantine so much better here than I would be at home. Why does she hate me so much? What did I do to deserve this treatment?