Men and women alike, who do not pay child support, should have to do and go through the things the custodial parent of their child has to deal with. We live in a world that will allow a parent to ignore their child all the way into their adulthood. Yet, if the parent who has sole custody does any of the things the noncustodial parent does, they will face harsh repercussions for their actions. We live in a time where you have the entire world in your hands with one click. Why is it so hard to improve the child support system to help the child as it should, instead of causing the child to endure hardship and suffering because half of their genes decided they no longer wanted to be there for the child?

My mom is an emotionally abusive b**ch. A lot of friends and family think she’s so great, but she’s really not. She’s constantly mean to me and puts me down. I have mental health issues because of her abuse. I literally ran to my boyfriend’s place before the Covid-19 lockdown in my city so I didn’t have to be quarantined with her. I’m dealing with the quarantine so much better here than I would be at home. Why does she hate me so much? What did I do to deserve this treatment?

I’m tired.
I’m tired of being used by my parents financially just because they didn’t make something of themselves.
I’m tired of getting heartbroken.
I’m tired of always picking myself up when I don’t want to continue anymore.
I’m tired of having the heart to always love but not receiving the love back.
I’m tired of always putting on a smile when I’m not in any way happy.
I’m tired of offering a hug when I’m never offered one.
I’m tired of hearing, “You’re young, you can’t be tired.”
I’m tired. I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to continue.
What’s the point?
I’ve tried for 26 years. Why do I have to keep going?
All my hopes and dreams of actually having a solid family aren’t going to happen.
Why? Why should I continue?
I know it’s not all unicorn farts and rainbows, but I hate this loneliness I’ve always had inside and hidden.
There’s no point.

At what point do kids start brushing their own f__king hair? I have a kid going into the sixth grade who won’t brush her own hair. She sits around and lazily slings the brush through a little 1X1 portion of her hair over and over again not making any progress. She just watches me lose my sh*t with this stupid f__king look on her face. Then the tears start. Three hours a day. Three f__king hours a day just to brush her hair. I just flipped sh*t on her five minutes ago, and I know she’s in there staring at herself in the mirror with her f__king mouth hanging open. She’s not a stupid kid. She’s pretty damn smart, but I want to shave her f__king head. That’s it. That is the solution. I’m going to cut her f__king hair off right now.

I Wish I Had A Dad So Bad. Unless My Mom Remarries, I’ll Have No One To Walk Me Down The Aisle. I Want To Die.

overweight bride walks down the aisle

Tonight I am crying myself to sleep because of a video about a kid’s dad who was supposed to go on a trip with him but left.  My dad did that a lot too. Why can’t I tell anyone about my dad? I envision my peers asking, “What’d your dad say?” And I envision myself responding with, “LOL, he didn’t respond.” However, inside my head, I’m like, “He died…” 

I wish my mom remarried someone so I don’t have to worry anymore about having to lie about having a dad. I wish I had a dad so bad. Seeing my cousins have dads that are still here is slowly killing me inside. I always care about anyone who shows up in my life but I never show it. I care so much, but if they ever get out of my life, I get so worked up. I try and try to forget and avoid them until I’m finally able to do so, and then I totally stop talking to them.

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My MIL Uses The N-Word Then Immediately Smiles In The Faces Of Black People.

I can’t even finish writing this. I have to keep deleting it and coming back. I can’t say any of these things to my husband because they are about his mother. She’s nice enough, though she seems to have issues with doing what everyone else around her is doing. If she is with someone who uses the n-word, she will happily use it. Then she’ll turn right around and smile in a black person’s face. She just falls in line with the people around her.

They also have a lot of money so she sides with rich people on stuff. My MIL and her husband aren’t even that rich. They live in big houses and drive nice cars, but I feel like they live beyond their means because she actually cares what other people think about them.

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