One of the most irritating things that famous singers do is b-t-h about the song that made them famous. Yeah, people ask you to sing it all the time. And yeah, it gets annoying. But you wrote the MF. It made you rich as hell, and you’re going to b-t-h? How about you shut the f__k up and sing the song that all your fans, who made you rich and famous by the way, want you to sing. How shi**y of a person do you have to be to b-t-h about the thing that made you a millionaire? If it’s your only good song, that is no ones fault but your own. You aren’t of the caliber of famous musicians. You need to chill the f_ck out and do what your fans want!

My MIL Uses The N-Word Then Immediately Smiles In The Faces Of Black People.

I can’t even finish writing this. I have to keep deleting it and coming back. I can’t say any of these things to my husband because they are about his mother. She’s nice enough, though she seems to have issues with doing what everyone else around her is doing. If she is with someone who uses the n-word, she will happily use it. Then she’ll turn right around and smile in a black person’s face. She just falls in line with the people around her.

They also have a lot of money so she sides with rich people on stuff. My MIL and her husband aren’t even that rich. They live in big houses and drive nice cars, but I feel like they live beyond their means because she actually cares what other people think about them.

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