Dear Boss: Your Idiocy Is Becoming Too Difficult To Handle. How Did YOU Become A Manager? You’re Soooooo Incompetent.

Dear Boss,

I am finding your idiocy more difficult to handle by the minute. If corporate had any idea how you fake your hours, talk constantly on your phone, blame your mistakes on others, try to use scare tactics and intimidation to get things done, never complete any project by yourself, lie, backstab, sabotage, and generally be a tyrant, I wonder if you would still have a job? I do not for the life of me understand how, by some stroke of luck, someone as worthless as you becomes the manager of a lucrative business. You don’t even know how to do basic tasks, so to cover for your laziness and lack of knowledge, you act like a complete b/t/h, down talk your employees, and report to your boss that everyone is incompetent except for you. I wish Karma would take a giant bite out of your ass, sooner rather than later.

image- ahmad al homaid