Dear Brother: You’re An @SShole Who’s Never Protected Me. I Wish I Could Hit You.

Dear Brother,

You are an @sshole.  Never have you ever protected me or told me you loved me.  The only time you say anything to me is on my birthday, and I’m surprised you even give a s**t about that.  I ended up in the hospital with a blood clot in my lung and you never once called or even texted to see how I was.  Mom and dad did.  I even made a new friend that’s friends with my best friend, and she cared and talked to me every day that I was hospitalized.  You don’t even know that I cried every day because I miss my kids and boyfriend.  You don’t care.  If it were you, I would have called every day.  When your ex-fiancé left you, I called you right away and heard you cry.  Something you haven’t done since we were kids.  You’re an @sshole and I wish I could hit you.

image- Ken Wilcox