Dear Dad: Your Kids Hate You, Your Dogs Hate You, And I Can’t Wait Until You Die

I think about how relieved I will be when you die.  You’re a drunk bastard who beat your kids senseless when we were growing up, and you refuse to acknowledge it now that we are adults.  Our mother worked herself to death and you took all the credit, telling people how you owned your own business.  SHE owned it because you have no fucking business sense and zero skills except lying about your greatness.  Since mom died you have no friends, her family hates you, your kids only tolerate you, but they hate you too.  I hate you most! 

I’m here working in your crappy business so you’re not homeless.  You sit on your computer all day while I do all the work, pay the bills, clean, and the hundreds of other things I do so you can live upstairs in your crappy, lonely, disgusting place and drink yourself to death while you treat your poor little dogs like prisoners.  They hate you too.  You lock them away all day and night and you use them to show people how cute they are, and then you lock them away again.  I am trying to find a dognapper to take them to a good home.  I CONSTANTLY think about how much better things will be when you die, but I can’t tell anyone but my husband that.  You destroyed your only son, who then destroyed his only son, then you destroyed his son, your grandson.  Why do you think my boys don’t want to see you?  They don’t like you!  You’re a jerk who bullies kids, animals, and people you deem weaker than yourself, when really; you’re the weak one.  I’m tired of your children taking care of you cause you’re an idiot and mom took care of everything.  Now the kids you beat up are taking care of your business?!  How messed up is that?!  I’m so tired of being stuck in your pathetic world.

image- Antonis Lamnatos