Dear Janay Rice: People Are Rooting For You! Leave Ray “Beater” Rice Right Now!

NFL player Ray Rice abused his former fiancé, now current wife, Janay, in a casino elevator.  Janay recently condemned the media for coming down so harshly on her husband for his brutal actions.  She basically stated that it is their life and no one else’s business.  I viewed the recent picture of her in today’s paper.  She appears to have three knots on the right side of her face.  I sincerely pray they aren’t constantly engaged in physical abuse.  While this vent isn’t personally related to me, I am concerned for her safety, and actually, her mental stability.  Did he promise her riches and fame if she married him a few days after the initial elevator incident so that she wouldn’t be legally required to testify against him?  Is she love scared?  Now, what happens after he’s lost his NFL job and endorsements?  Will he take his frustrations out on her now?

Janay, if he did it once, he will do it again.  Be thankful that others are concerned, support you, and are willing to speak out against this type of violence.  Think about your baby daughter and her future, and the example you are making by remaining with Ray Rice. Think about how you’re putting in writing, your disgruntlement with others, for whatever reason, who are speaking out on your behalf.

I also question what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was REALLY knowledgeable of.  Ladies, don’t tolerate abuse from ANYONE.  Your bodies are precious and should be respectfully treasured.  Pray that those who commit these types of crimes meet with consequences that hopefully turn their lives and mindsets around in a positive direction.

image- MDGovpics