Dear Neighbor: It’s F++king 10:30 At NIGHT, Quiet Your Noisy Ass The F++k Down!

OMG it’s f__king 10:30 at night and I ask you to keep the noise down and you get defensive?  It’s your 3 year old slamming the doors?  Ok, could you not let her do that and stop giving me an attitude?  Of course kids will be kids.  I have 2.  But am I being unreasonable in finally saying enough already?  Why do you turn this into a battle?  I’m pretty sure that isn’t too much to ask after listening to that bang for 2 f__king hours!  I am one person against 7.  Why am I the b+tch because I want it quiet so we can sleep?  Common decency and respect for your neighbors is non-existent. 🙁

image- pinguino