Dear USA Congress

Dear USA Congress,

You voted to shut down the government because of your dislike of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) and/or President Obama.  I saw on CNN and MSNC where many of you exited the meeting laughing, joking, and high-fiving.  Interesting.  That was difficult to watch.  One news reporter claimed to have seen some of you out drinking following the vote in celebration.  I later heard on the news that many of the Republicans had vowed to their constituents two years ago, during an election, that they would shut the government down regarding the Affordable Health Care Act.  So, many services have temporarily been discontinued and workers who have jobs affected by the shut down will not be paid.  Head Start services have come to a halt, new grant services are on hold, people have furloughs, etc.  But, Congress will still be paid.  What’s that about?  Please explain!  To be fair, I also heard that a few Congressional reps have voluntarily given up their pay until the shutdown ends.  Good for you, but what about the rest of you?  Do you represent the American people or your own self-interests?  I hope this vent makes its way to many of you.  How can you in all consciousness live with yourselves at other people’s expense?  I will pray in earnest for you.


A US Citizen Who Believes in The True American Way

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