Dearest Boyfriend: You’re Dead To Me and My Family Forever

Dearest Boyfriend,

You have deceived me long enough!  I have chosen to take my time, love, loyalty, compassion, and energy back.  You no longer have those qualities or any other part of me.  My family and I no longer desire for you to be part of it.  Not in making memories or even in passing.  We all have given multiple chances and opportunities for you to be a good, honest, loyal man.  You have pushed members of my family away, and lied to me about where “our” monies go, and about how you spent your day, and about your loyalty to me.  But, that’s all good because you’re going to be the sorry bastard living an unfulfilled life due to the thoughtlessness of your actions and your belief in my ignorance.  You were such a great friend, but a true tragic disaster as a “boyfriend.”  You are free to do whatever it is you do.  And I am free of your BS!  Peace.

image- Arian Zwegers