Did You Really Marry Me To Gain Citizenship?!? Anus! Douchebag!

We’ve been married almost three years and we have nothing to show for it. You used to be all over me when we were dating, and now you won’t even come near me. You swear you didn’t marry me just for citizenship, but I find that hard to believe with each passing day. You’re a cheapskate and a complete anus. I’m tired of living in your parent’s house. I’m tired of you being such a douchebag every single day. I’m tired of you being so damn selfish with everything, especially with your time. Why does it have to be like this? Part of being a husband is being an emotional support, but you’d rather ignore me and find a way out later.  Hell, there are days when you won’t even talk to me!  I love you so much, but I feel so degraded by you. And I can’t take anymore of this.

image- Elvert Barnes