Don’t Act Like He’s Prince Charming

I get so tired of females looking like deer standing in front of high beams when they hear that their man is cheating on them.  Do you wonder where he goes on the weekends?  Do you wonder where he goes after the club?  How many of your friends have to tell you that he’s no good?  But then the first thing you do when you find out is get mad at the female.  Put the blame on your man. Especially if you’re doing everything right on your end….tricks in the bed as well.  Because guess what?  I’m that female that won’t feel sorry for you when the ish hits the fan.  Some people are content with casual sex because sometimes love is for suckers.  I’m just saying.  Don’t try to act like you’re with Prince Charming. Especially when he’s spreading his Lucky Charms all around town.

image- JeepersMedia