Dramatic Starving Artists

I’m in several artistic community groups on Facebook.  I try not to let the drama take away from the focus of the groups, which is to showcase work, share ideas and patterns, and most importantly, to talk with our peers.  Lately, people have been attention whoring.  It’s gotten out of control.  It used to be someone asking about a specific issue, color, or other detail of the project, looking for a second opinion.  It has turned into people asking, “What do you think,” and receiving honest replies.  Unfortunately, honesty is not what they were looking for. They berate those who are honest and write posts whining about how people are mean.  In return, they get many responses like mine, “Don’t want the truth? Don’t ask.”

On a side note, the same attention whores are the ones asking for handouts because they are on welfare/social security/you name it, and can’t afford their passion.  They give people a ration of sh+t for having expensive materials or prices at a minimum, because they themselves can’t be moved from their anxiety medication-induced stupor to get a real job and grow up.  Or even save their money for a while to get a few nice things like the rest of us hardworking people do.  Times are tough for everyone.

Supporting our local businesses by buying directly from them, rather than a cheap big-box retailer, keeps us, small business owners, afloat.

image- icanteachyouhowtodoit