F*_k You For Putting Your Sh*tty Husband Over Me!

You always pick the sh+ttiest men to date, and your new husband isn’t any different.  He’s just as bad, if not worse than your first husband. And we all know how much you despise your first husband.  This jackass doesn’t take care of his kid, spends every penny you’ve got, and lies about where he is and who he’s with.  So in other words, you have a child, not a boyfriend.

When I asked him to shut the door (due to his blaring music) so that we wouldn’t have to yell over one another, he got butthurt and pouted by turning the music off and staying inside.  He then complained to you and told you that I think that I own the place. Excuse me?!  The cops have been called on you twice for noise complaints. Do you still think that your music isn’t too loud?  You also decided to b+tch at me after turning the music up even louder when all I wanted to do was leave.  F_+k you! 

He’s a horrible husband, and I’ve treated you better than he ever will.  You’ve known him for three years. I’ve known you for twenty-five.  Way to be a good mom…

image- eva101