F**k You. F**k Your Kids. F**k Everything You Touch. Burn B*t*h.


I should have known you’d pull some bllsht. It was peaceful for too long. We were finally getting along after 20+ years of non-stop fighting. I forgave you for most of your abuses and tried to move on. For a while there it seemed like you were trying too.

I understand that your husband is coming home. I completely understand that you want to spend time with him. That’s completely reasonable. However, if you didn’t want me around, you should have just told me when I asked you. I asked you twelve times if you wanted me around before all of this turmoil began.

Instead of being an adult, you accuse me of lies, you curse at me, and then you get angry when I curse back at you. You refuse to elaborate about what upset you so much, yet I’m supposed to apologize anyway?!?

Fk you. Fk your kids. F**k everything you touch. Your husband was right. I never was family to you. I take being disowned at 16 as a compliment now.

image: dmsumon