Get To Know Your Kid, But Leave Their Skank Baby Factory Mom Alone

You treat her very well for someone that casually strolled back into your life after keeping your child away from you for twelve years. Twelve years ago she dumped you for someone else and didn’t tell you that the kid was yours.  That whore is ruining our relationship, making me not trust you.  She is nothing more than an unemployed, welfare collecting, CPS involved baby factory, with four kids by four different guys.  All I want is for you to see that and leave that no good b***h alone.  We have been through some really difficult times over the years, but this whore takes the cake.  I want you to know your kid, just leave the skank alone.  Think about it. This b***h is not only hurting me, but she’s also hurting your mom and the daughter that you have living with you.  I believe she has an agenda after all these years of silence.  Why break the silence twelve years later?

image- Dragunsk