Give Thanks. Be Grateful For What You Have. At The Least, You’re Alive!

Want to know what the problem with today’s society is?  No one knows how to say “thank you” anymore.  You woke up alive today.  That’s a pretty big deal last time I checked.  I’ve been in abusive relationships.  I’ve overcome a drug addiction.  I’ve tried with all my might to find money to be able to go to college and do something other than start popping out kids as soon as I could biologically reproduce.  And through it all, I said “thank you” for every breath I could take.  Thank you for not letting my jerk boyfriend kill me today.  Thank you for letting me find loans to pay for school.  Thank you for allowing me to share this with others.  You are blessed to even be able to wake up every morning.  Be grateful for what you have.  Cause some people wish they could simply live life without being in constant fear.

image- Monkey Mash Button