Granny: You’re A F&*king Delusional Old B^tch, And I Can’t Wait Till You Die.

My uncle raped me when I was around 4. He did it again when I was 18. I told my family when I was 20. They don’t believe me and I freaked and went to the psych ward for two weeks where I was told I was kicked out of the house (my grandmother’s–his mother). I wasn’t allowed on her property while he was living there. He moved, and I now live where he used to live. He is allowed on the property still. I told my grandmother that was f&*ked up. She came over and yelled at me about how she sacrificed her son for me.

Okay, you delusional old f//king b+tch. Yeah he missed your birthday, but then he came and stayed a week later for 5 days in your house, which is literally less than 10 feet from my house. You say he won’t come here for the holidays. Yeah, that’s right, because he moved over the f&king mountains and the passes will be closed you f//king idiot. And knowing him and all the sh+t he used to talk about you, he WOULDN’T EVEN WANT TO. The only reason he comes over the mountain to this city is to SELL HIS SH&TTY WEED, and he only stays at your house because it’s FREE! Believe what you want. You’re f&king crazy, and I can’t wait till you die.

image- friend JAD