He Beat Me With A Roll Of Wrapping Paper Last Night & It Hurt, But I Forgave Him.

He hit me with a roll of wrapping paper last night. We had an argument over who got to use it and he went crazy. He beat me with it and it really hurt. I was so scared I ran out and drove to my mum’s. I vowed to never come back, but here I am having “forgiven him.” He has a very short temper. He has thrown stuff before and broken items. He’s verbally abused me, but he has never hit me.

He swears it won’t happen again, and he seems to justify it with the fact that I demanded to use the wrapping paper. He has a very bad relationship with his family, and they kicked him out years ago when he was a teenager because he was off the rails and spat in his mum’s face. His stepdad beat him, and his granddad beat his granny, so I know it’s had an impact on him. My dad hit my mum when I was growing up, and I swore I would never accept it.

We’re not married, we only live together, and I do love him. He loves me too. He isn’t your typical scumbag, because I wouldn’t be with him if he were. He says he’s sorry and would never hit me. He seems to think the paper was flimsy and wouldn’t hurt, but he was raging; fuming.

Should I give him one more chance? It won’t ever be the same I fear, because he lifted it and hit me. I don’t want to lose him. I wish I could just get up and go with no thought. He’s not a horrible person, believe me. We have great times, but he has anger issues and I don’t want to tread on eggshells. Please help.

image- kevin dooley