He Beat You, Raped You, And Sexually Abuses Your 3YO Son. And You Stay?!?!

I had to break up with my girlfriend, my lover, and my best friend. She was abused by an ex. He used to beat her, rape her, buy the biggest dildos he could find online, and take her with them. Let other guys rape her while he watched and participated. This big man is a glory hole addict. Closet gay. Which in itself is fine, but not when you do it as he does. Well he got her pregnant. Lied to her telling her he couldn’t reproduce and it was a miracle baby. Turns out three other girls had abortions when this monster knocked them up.

We were great friends. I helped her get away from him. We later became lovers. I wanted to marry her and have kids. Then she confided in me that she was worried he would touch their 3.5 year old. He had been abused, and he already was caught watching porn with the kid on the couch with him. Well not two weeks later, the kid came home saying he played “naked games” with daddy. She freaked out. I brought her to a lawyer. She could never afford. After the lawyer asked why she allowed the kid to go to his father’s, and why she allowed it to keep happening, she realized that she wasn’t doing anything about it. She was lazy. She didn’t want to deal with it. Then slowly she changed her tune. She would say it couldn’t be that bad. I would never knowingly put my kid in danger. This was because she didn’t want her kid full-time. She didn’t want to deal with the problem.

It was after that when I realized I could never have a kid with her. I couldn’t bring a kid into this world with that situation. My baby’s brother would still be going to daddy’s, and who knows what he would bring home. Not to mention, I would have to explain why my kid couldn’t go to his brother’s father’s house for birthdays or whatever. My eyes opened. He still had a hold over her. He found her young, and raped and controlled her into submission. I left her. Tried to get her help and she resisted.

As time went on, baby daddy went from being a monster to not that bad. A direct result of her not wanting to believe she put her kid in that situation. I found out a few weeks later that he’s back in the picture. She went from hating this monster who abused her and their kid, to getting back with him. I can’t help her now. I lost a friend and lover. And in a year or two she will be back to being depressed and hurt. He continues to bang prostitutes behind her back. Both male and female. I feel for her. She can’t get out of her own way. But I’m also mad. Now I can’t decide whether or not to call Child Services for the kid, or just leave it alone. She can make her own decisions. But that child cannot. I don’t know what to do. But my anger towards her grows every day.

image- Carlos Ebert