He Gave Me An Incurable STD Then Ghosted Me. I Loved That Man. I’m Crushed.

I can say that I miss him although we didn’t know each other too long. But hell, seven months is a long time when you’re around each other every day. He told me to trust him if I wanted to be with him and I did. I gave him a key to my house, and I made it known that I will have his back no matter what happened. He was a good one, then he just felt as though he didn’t have to do the things he started doing from jump (personally, I feel as though men and women shouldn’t present themselves in ways that they cannot maintain for a long period of time).

So he made it known that I was the only female he was with, and he turned around and gave me something that I have to deal with for the rest of my life (not HIV but an STD). This is serious to me because I have NEVER had anything like this before. Addressing it was probably the hardest part. The kicker and craziest thing about it is that after finding out what it was and letting him know, I was willing to look past it. I mean, I wasn’t willing to be with him, but I expected him to apologize, to be honest, and hell, still be friends and move forward.

This wasn’t the case. It’s been some weeks later, and I still haven’t heard from him. It hurts because I cared so much about him, and because I was willing to forgive him and move on. Call me dumb, call me naïve, but I loved that man, and he hurt me.

image: Rennett Stowe