He’s Crying Out For Help. At Least Pretend To Care About His Well Being.

I find it funny that you can all place blame, yet none of you can accept responsibility for your part.  I’ll start by saying that he is the first person to say that he’s a screwed up individual.  He has been in trouble or done some kind of drug for most of his life.  This last year alone has been a string of alcohol-related incidents involving the police and a jail cell.

Everyone gave up on him the first time he finally decided to get help.  The court systems are partially to blame for giving him four slaps on the damn wrist for the SAME offense.  I’m not mad at him anymore, I’m scared, and I need help getting him the help that he is begging for.   This is the first time he has ever wanted help.  He is trying to do the right thing, and I know it’s hard, but he can’t get out.

He has to have support.  I am dealing with a lot right now, and I would really like people to at least pretend to care so that he can do this.  And selfishly, so that I don’t have to watch him ruin his life anymore.  His kids deserve him.  And he deserves to be a happy sober person.

image- Nicolas Alejandro Street Photography