He’s Divorcing Me Because I Told His Daughter To F_+K OFF. Shrug.

After putting up with a snotty little b****h of a stepdaughter, I told her to f**k off. I wanted an apology from her for her bringing pot into my house, and for telling me that I needed to earn her respect!!! She is pissed that I found her pot and that she got grounded for it. She said I shouldn’t have been searching through her things!! I was actually looking for tweezers, then for cigarettes, and that’s when I found her stash, which wasn’t even hidden. I should have left it there. After all, she could take it to college this fall, get busted, and lose her four-year scholarship. The kicker is that she wants to be a pharmacist!!!! F**king hilarious. So her dad wants a divorce because she showed him the “f**k off” text, etc. I said, “If she can f**k, drink, and dope at 18, she can be told to f**k off!!” She thinks she’s done nothing wrong. Hope she gets popped in the eye for being a little b***h in college.

image- Mat Wall