I Always Feel Unappreciated, Thanks To My Parents

Don’t I give you everything?  Why is it not enough that I bend over backwards?  I stop my whole world for you.  You’d think that maybe someone would appreciate it, but throughout my whole life no one seems to appreciate my efforts to make everyone happy.  I hate when you act like this with me, as if my emotions don’t matter.  It makes me so angry.  I want to throw things and hit.  I hate not feeling listened to.

My parents never listened to me growing up.  My feelings were always brushed off like they did not matter, and it makes me feel unvalued.  And I thought I had gotten away from this problem when I moved out of my parents’ home.  Nope.  This problem still haunts me.  Their impact on me is still affecting me long after I moved out.  And the more I rant about this, the more I realize why this affects me so strongly.  It’s the damage done to me as a child.  The emotional hurt I never really faced growing up.  The damage I tried to block out of my mind every day just to feel OK.

image- mohammadali