I Bore Your Child & I’m On The Pill, Why Don’t You Want To Make Love? What’s Wrong?

I had my first child back in April 2014.  I’ve since gotten on birth control and am wanting to have sex with my boyfriend.  But he never wants to!  I understand that having a kid is scary, but I’m okay down there!  And he always claims he’s too tired after work to perform.  Nothing against him, but it doesn’t last long when we have sex.  He’s never lasted long for as long as we’ve been together.  I’m ok with it though.  But when he gets home from work, I make him dinner and do everything for him, and at the end of the night I’d like to have sex.  But he always says he’s too tired!  I get he worked all day, and I’ll never say this to him, but I just want to say, “What, you can’t take ten minutes out of your day to make love to me?”  I don’t even mind doing all the work!  What’s wrong?  We’ve been together almost 5 years.  Is it him or me?  Help.

image- ceslava.com