I Can’t Believe You C*nts! You Were Supposed To Be My BFFs!

A big F//K YOU to the three women I once called my best friends who completely cut me out of their lives without giving me a reason (and who STILL won’t give me a reason). The three of you are the meanest and most heartless c//ts I have ever known. You don’t want to be my friend, but you have no problems knowing every f//king thing about my life. Like where I live, where I work, and who I date. If you’re that interested in what I do then be my friend! Oh wait, I’m sorry. You can’t do that since all three of you kiss the same @ss.

You hurt me beyond repair, but you also made me stronger. I’m not better than you, but I can guarantee that I’m happier. I don’t have a husband that made me choose between my friends and him. I don’t have a baby daddy who won’t commit to me after ten years and two kids. And I’m not the b///h with the DUI who can’t find a decent job because I’m an asshole. I can’t wait for the day you b///hes want something to do with me. Until then, keep stalking my life @ssholes.

image- rutlo