I Cheated On A Man Who Adores Me For You. Now You Don’t Want Me. F**K YOU!


I cannot believe you. I’ve liked you for six years and we finally became something more. I was so happy. I cheated on a man that worships the ground I walk on for you, and this is what I get? I thought we were finally gonna be f**king happy like I’ve dreamed and written about since we were kids.

I was your sister when you needed one, and your sanity when you didn’t have yours. I was your best friend when all the fakes left you, and when things got hard and you needed to be pissed at someone, I stood there and took it cause I loved you.

Then you came telling me that I’m beautiful. You said all the right things to get into my panties. And guess what? It worked! Quite a few times. Then you tell me, over a text, that we can’t talk anymore because I’m not interesting enough for you. You have some damn nerve expecting me to just be obedient like you’re something to me. And that’s when I had a realization. You never cared about me. I only cared about you.

You came to me when everyone else was fed up with you because you thought I’d stand there and take it. Up until this point I would have. I still love you, and I always will, but I am not your doormat anymore. Maybe sometime later in life we can be friends. Whatever we had is done until you decide to act like a man.

image: SodanieChea