I Dare You To Try And F*ck W/ Me You Little F*ck Boy Midget

You f//king midget. You wanna scare my wife and threaten us because you’re a slumlord?  I dare you to try and f//k with me.  I’ll make you puke in front of the judge this time.  Plus, how stupid are you?  Your house that we rented was s//t.  You’re trying to say that I put my son in danger by living there. Newsflash dickwad: You’re responsible for maintaining a house for renters. Instead, you traveled to Spain with your yuck-mouthed family.  It was twenty-five below zero, and we constantly asked for you to fix the furnace.  We had no hot water because you would not fix the hot water. Listen up f//k boy. Come near us again, and I’ll make sure your little three-foot ass sits in jail.

image- ljguitar