I Don’t Want To Be In Your Wedding Party You Bratty B*tch

I don’t want to be in your wedding. There, I said it. I just can’t tell YOU that. You’re a spoiled brat, and I didn’t realize it until now. You only care about appearances. You treat your fiancé like s//t. He can never do anything right in your eyes, you don’t trust him, and you say that your sex life is less than stellar. You don’t try to correct the problems the two of you have because you think that you never do anything wrong. I can never be honest with you because you become so angry with me when I am. Basically, he’s pacified your immature ass by giving you a ring. But once it all dies down, you’ll be back to b///hing at him about everything.

I resent the fact that you’re so crazy, but you can still find a man that will marry you. You hate his friends, and you hate his mom. I don’t want to be part of a business transaction. I want to be part of a happy celebration of nuptials. You complain until you get your way, then you’re happy for a short time, then you find something else to complain about. Everything is handed to you. I never realized how immature you are, and what a life of misery you’re signing up for. You care more about money and appearances than I ever have or ever will. I don’t know how or why we are still friends.

image- Carolyn Coles