I Fake Smile While Everyone Uses Me

Sometimes I get so sick of wearing this fake smile.  What I really want to do is throw sh+t across the room.  I get tired of working, and when my check comes, spending every cent on everybody but myself.  I don’t ask for much, but it’s more than a pack of cigarettes!  Work-sleep, work-sleep, is the story of my life.  What once held happiness and genuine joy, now holds resentment, stress, and high blood pressure.   I don’t mind giving you my money if I feel it’s appreciated instead of expected.  What if what I make isn’t enough to cover all the decisions you made throughout the week?  I’m the one that worries over it, and it breaks my heart to know I can’t help.  Is it the fact that I can’t help that breaks my heart, or the fact that you make these decisions expecting me to cover you?  I love you more than any other, but you’re draining the spirit right out of me.

image- Evil Erin