I Hate Him. I Love You.

I don’t know why I can’t move on.  I haven’t seen you in two years.  We almost never talk.  I’m with someone else now and we’re happy, but I can’t forget you.  I make myself believe I can move forward and I don’t need to obsess over you every single day.  I send you notes every day.  I feel pathetic.  I start to hate you.  Then I get a response.  I can’t explain the feeling I get when you finally say something to me.  I would get on a bus and go all the way to you and forget everything you asked me to.  You never ask me to.  You’re so far now.  I’m supposed to love him.  We’re getting married.  I want him and I love him.  You’re the only one I’ll ever love.  He’s always here for me.  You rarely acknowledge my existence.  I hate him.  I love you.  What’s wrong with me?

image: Janine