I Hate You So Much, But I Love You So Much More. I Want You To Love Me Again.

When you told me your secret, I didn’t believe you, and I’m sorry. I told you all of mine. All of them. But yours still seemed so unreal. And I know I was a b+tch to you, and I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have told you that I hated you, because I love you, and you know that. All I can think about is how you told me that I push people away, and you’re right. I do. But can you really blame me for reacting that way after what you told me, when I asked you about it? Can you? I hate you so much, but I love you so much more. I hate seeing you flirt with other girls when just last week you told me that you loved me. You can forget about me so easily, but why can’t I forget about you? How do I end this pain? What can I do to make you love me again?

image- SimplySteff,