I Have A Brain Injury and a Mental Illness, Should I Be Drooling On Myself?

I have bipolar disorder.  That was one of the residual effects from a brain injury.  When this comes up in conversation, people have the nerve to say, “You don’t look like you have a brain injury or bipolar.”  What the hell am I supposed to look like?  Should I look like the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons?  Should I be drooling on myself?  A woman asked me if I was sure!  Excuse me!  Sure?  You don’t question a person when they say they have diabetes.  I’m sick of being treated like a liar or like I’m making it up.  I couldn’t make up 5 days of being in a coma, 12 days in the ICU, 4 months in cognitive rehabilitation, the amnesia I have, and the learning disabilities.

Having bipolar disorder with anxiety and depression has made me lose multiple jobs.  I’m sure that I’ve attempted suicide because I’m tired of dealing with a life I didn’t ask for.  I think I’m sure that I’m insulted on a regular basis by people being thoughtless assholes.  So, what the f//k am I supposed to look like?

image: John Blower