I Hope Your Abuse Is Verified By The Authorities So Me And My Sis Can Be Set Free


You f**ked up my entire life. You first hurt me by breaking me down to the point where I thought I was worthless. Then you started hurting my sister too. You hurt me and my sister. You treated us like we were nothing, but then when the officials questioned you; you played it off like nothing happened. Abusing me. Hurting my sister emotionally. You sent me into depression. Finally, I got away, but only for a little while. You didn’t let that stop you. Thankfully, the officials came in a second time, and now I may actually get away from you and your BS. When me and my sister get our freedom from you, you’re gonna understand how we felt. You’re gonna get what you put us through. You’re gonna get what you deserve.

image: Ashley Harrigan