I Know That You’re Still Checking Up On Your Ex. How Sad.

I’m not sure how to say this, so I’ll just say it.  I know that you’re still checking up on your ex. You tried to send a subtle signal to get them to contact you “out of the blue.” How tragically humorous that someone that only needed you as a fill-in still warrants a checkup.  It’s sad.  I have literally given you every amount of my loyalty, love, and admiration.  I’m not so sure I should have pursued more than a sexual relationship with you, but you promised that I was everything that your ex wasn’t.  But I know that I’m not. And that’s why you don’t bleed, cry, or censor your opinions out of fear of reprimand.  You piss me off with the constant mind games you try to play.  But you’ll never get it.  I would be the old person beside you once the lights begin to permanently dim.  I do love you.  But you need to get over some of your past.

image- simply.jessi