I Know You’re Gonna Leave Me For Her. Just Go And Get It Over With!

I see it. I see the way your eyes light up when you stare at her. The way they used to when you looked at me. I know you. I know that you were all over the place before we got together, and I accepted that. But old habits die hard, and I am just waiting for you to cheat, or leave. I’m waiting. Some days I try to get home as early from work as possible, to make sure no one is there with you. Every time I go visit my father, I cannot sleep because I fear that you are with someone. I know this is wrong. I know it. But I have never been wrong about a person before, and really- it’s just a matter of time. I love you, but I cannot trust you at all. I know you’ll leave me for her. I see it. Anyone with eyes can see it. I just wish you’d leave and get it over with.

image- BaileyRaeWeaver