I Left Because You Made Me Pay For My Own Gifts. FOH Broke B_tch!

I tried. I really did. I pretty much supported you financially for the past two and a half years. I accepted that I’d have to pay for everything, that I would never get a birthday or Christmas present that I didn’t have to contribute some money towards, and I accepted that I would be the one to buy all of YOUR family’s Christmas gifts. I thought love would be enough, but I realized it is not.

I couldn’t do the daily struggle anymore. I want more. I deserve more. And so I left. But now you accuse me of cheating, and you said I am soulless. I have since moved on and I am happy. But now you harass me, you threaten me, and you call me names. All because I stood up for myself and wanted a happier less stressful life. Well too bad.

Man up! I have someone now who knows how to be a real man. He works hard for himself, for me, and for us. He is what you would call a “grown-up.” And I am happy and free for the first time in a long time!

image- lorenkerns