I Let You In And You Broke Me. I’m In So Much Pain Right Now.

I can’t stop thinking about you. This is the worst thing to admit right now. Things were going so well. Despite all of our differences, there was a real connection there, and I know you felt it too. I know you did. You even confided in me multiple times about how you felt about me. You said that I was making you want the very things you told yourself that you were going to protect yourself from. And then you left me hanging, without a single word or an explanation.

I thought you were the game-changer. I was willing to accept you, your kids, your flaws, your good parts, and your bad parts, in order to see what could happen with us.  I wasn’t asking you for anything.  I was trying to move at your pace.  I was matching your effort and your words because I meant them. And it all blew up in my face.

It was all so short-lived, but you broke me.  I can’t believe I let another man in and I still came out broken.  How do you just cease all communication with someone, without explanation, and continue to live with yourself?! And now, not only am I broken, but I also cannot stop going over our relationship every single day in my head, wondering what I did or said that would drive you to cut off all communication with me.  I can’t think of a reason.

I’ve tried contacting you, but you won’t respond to me.  What’s worse is that I still have feelings for you. I so very much want to be over this stupid little thing, but I can’t get past it because I have no answers. I just didn’t expect “us” to turn out this way.

image- Public Domain Photos