I Let You Live W/ Me For Free, Yet You Talked Sh*t About Me. Get THE F**K Out!


We took you in because you had no place else to go. And when I decided to leave my job, you decided to run your mouth behind my back about how you weren’t going to support my “ass” while I job searched, despite the fact that you never had to pay bills or rent to begin with. The fiancé and I weren’t ever going to ask for your help, but since you want to be Billy Bad Ass and act like you’re hot sh*t, you can go ahead and pack your things, cause you just bit the sh*t out of the hand that fed you. I don’t care if you have to sleep in your vehicle. Maybe next time you’ll learn to be humble and shut your f**king mouth about the people taking care of you for free. I may not be there when you talk sh*t, but you can BET that I’m going to find out. Enjoy your couch surfing life. You spoiled little brat.

image- KarimCo