I Lied About My Son Being Sick. Then He Got Sick. My Karma.

I feel so guilty. After working seventy-three hours last week, I woke up on Friday so physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted that I decided to call off from work (w/ my morning clients). When I was asked why, before I could even stop myself, I heard myself say, “My son is sick.” I swore that I’d NEVER lie about something like that. But once it was said, I couldn’t take it back. I felt so guilty all day.

Then the next day when my poor son was actually throwing up and sick, I knew that I was responsible, and I hated myself for it. His illness only lasted sixteen hours, and he acted fine in between “being sick,” but I still know that Karma was getting back at me. I still feel so guilty.  It’s amazing how life works sometimes. But it taught me a huge lesson that I’ll never forget.

image- Leonid Mamchenkov