I Live In Fear That I’ll Be Stabbed Because I’m Jewish

I am truly sickened by how much Anti-Semitism still exists today. I never leave home without my mace spray and always have my phone in my hand. I wish my hair was blonde or red, not the curly black frizz that sticks out of my head. I wish my nose were slim and straight, and not like the beak of a pet-store parrot. I am sick and tired of the threats and racist remarks.

I’m tired of people saying that the Jews deserved the Holocaust because they killed Jesus, and that I deserve to die like a dog in the street for being one. I can’t get through one week without having somebody throw pennies at me and heckle me about not picking them up, or a customer grab their purchase away because they don’t want my “filthy Jewish hands all over it.”

Even though I’m only half Jewish and haven’t practiced since I was 14, I still can’t help but feel like somebody is going to knife me in the back. I just want all of it to end.

image- Emmanuel Dyan