I Love Sleeping W/ My Boss & Giving Him Head. He’s Way More Attentive Than My Hubby!

I’m sleeping with my boss. I love giving him head. I’m married, but he doesn’t pay attention to me the way my boss does. The way he touches me sends shivers down my spine. You used to do that to me. It’s been forever since I felt that. You repulse me now. Just a shell of a man you used to be. Drugs will do that to you. I’m just biding my time waiting for you to royally mess up so I can finally be free. Not free to be with my boss, because he is just something to pass the time, even though he’s very very good at what he does. Just free to finally be me. I miss smiling. I miss being me. You’re killing me slowly, and I do not want to die, especially not at the hands of you.

image- Beth Rankin